Study of Vertical Movements of the European Crust Using Tide Gauge and Gnss Observations
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Institute of Geodesy National University Lviv Polytechnic Lviv, Ukraine
Online publication date: 2015-02-03
Reports on Geodesy and Geoinformatics 2014;97:112-131
This research is devoted to the study of vertical movements of the European crust on the basis of two independent methods, namely tide gauge and GNSS observations results. The description and classification of factors affecting sea level change has been made. The precision with which the movement of the earth's crust according to the results of tide gauge observations can be explored has been calculated . A methodology to identify the duration of tide gauge observations required for studies of vertical movements of the earth 's crust has been presented. Approximation of tide gauge time series with the help of Fourier series has been implemented, the need for long-term observations in certain areas has been explained. The diagram of the velocities of the vertical movements of the European crust on the basis of the tide gauge data and GNSS observations has been built and the anomalous areas where the observations do not coincide have been identified.
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